At Deer Park North Primary School we plan for optimum learning conditions to create confident communicators, imaginative thinkers and informed citizens. Through the study of literacy, students at Deer Park North learn to analyse, understand, and communicate using the English language which supports learning in all curriculum areas. The teaching and learning at Deer Park North Primary School is based on the Australian Curriculum in Victoria Education Learning Standards. Teams of teachers develop and deliver units that explicitly teach effective strategies for Oral Language, Reading and Writing. A range of assessments are built into the units and used to continually monitor and move children along in their skills development.


Oral Language

Deer Park North primary school recognises that students must be communicators and thinkers before they can be effective readers and writers. Students are involved in a variety of contexts to develop their oral language skills such as formal and informal classroom sharing, discussions in small groups and through presentations, inter-class presentations and assemblies.Though different curriculum topics and situations, students are provided with opportunities to; reflect on a task, select and organise information, judge the level of explanation required by an audience and adopt a language style appropriate to the setting and audience.



At the core of reading is meaning. In gaining meaning from texts, readers at Deer Park North Primary school combine what they know about the world, the topic of the text, the grammatical structure in which the text is written, and the way spoken language relates to the letters, words, visual elements, and symbols on page.

In the classrooms students are engaged in independent, buddy and small group reading. Students also meet with teachers individually though a conference to set reading goals. Stimulating Literacy Spaces include classroom libraries, student selection of ‘just-right’ texts, word walls, anchor charts, class and individual published books, listening posts, use of technology and student-generated posters of literacy learning.



Students at Deer Park North Primary are given shared experiences to develop oral language before writing. In addition they use a Writer’s Notebooks to collect their own ideas to use as a stimulus for writing. Through a variety of explicit writing challenges, students learn the structure of different types or genres of writing. Teachers scaffold the learning of their students through individual and small group conferences and goals are set to develop the acquisition of writing skills.


Donna Mizzi

Literacy Coach