The teaching and Learning of Numeracy at Deer Park North Primary School is based on the Australian Curriculum in Victoria Education Learning Standards. A minimum of five hours of Numeracy is undertaken in every classroom, each week. Teams of teachers develop and deliver sequential units of work. Stimulating mathematics spaces in classrooms include a range of ‘hands on’ support materials, word walls, anchor charts, class journals, samples of student work and student generated posters to promote numeracy learning.


During Numeracy Lessons, there is an emphasis on:

  • Students making discoveries
  • Use of a range of mathematical terminology (oral and written)
  • Extensive recording by students and teacher - (numbers, pictures, words), reflective journals, glossaries, maths dictionaries, word walls, anchor charts, flip charts, annotated photographs, etc.
  • Integrating eLearning (use of computer programs, digital photography and sound recording) into Mathematics
  • Providing open ended tasks and rich problems
  • Problem solving strategies on display and explicitly discussed
  • Ready availability of concrete materials to support learning
  • A variety of student groupings – mixed abilities, needs based and peer tutoring pairs (Maths Buddies)
  • Thoughtful questioning of students and many opportunities for students to share their understandings and/or further questions.
  • A range of assessment procedures are used including: pre-assessment and post learning tasks, assessment tasks built into units of work, online assessments, individual conferences/interviews and national assessments (NAPLAN).


Daryl Bowen

Numeracy Coach