Physical Education

We have a new P.E teacher for 2016. We welcome Mr Aaron Page to DPNPS!





2015 News:

On August 21st selected students from Grades 3-6 participated in the interschool Athletics competition. With gale force chilly winds swirling around the track all day a huge well done to all students who participated and put in a superb effort. Well done for all the train-ing in the cold and tryouts. All students should be very proud of themselves.

Congratulations to the following students who have qualified for the regional competition:

Anastacia SAS Betelhiem SAS Tilo MMK Walter SJE
Jerry SML Judy SAS Emi MJG Nigel MMK

In sport grade 1-2 students have been involved in a hockey-coaching clinic from hockey Victoria.

Grade 3-4 students are finishing off their Athletics unit with shot put and Discus and will begin a new sport/activity soon.

Grade 5-6 students have begun their unit on European handball and have been learning the rules, skills and general play of the sport. This week they will play mini games focusing on all skills of European handball.



Grades 3-6 are continuing their unit on Athletics as our major topic. Selected students will compete in our interschool Athletics carnival on Friday August 21st at Keilor Park.


All classes will participate and learn skills in track and running events and also field events such as Triple Jump and Shot-put/Discus.


Later in the term Grade 3-4 students will be focusing on hockey as their unit with a specialised coaching coming in to take some sessions.


Grade 1/2s have begun rotation groups focusing on all of the motor skills they have focused on over the last term. These include overarm throwing, kicking, skipping, catching and throwing.


The Grade 5/6 girl’s basketball tournament is on September 11th and Tryouts will be held in a couple of weeks.



Term 3

For P.E this term selected student’s will compete in our interschool Athletics on the 21st of August at Keilor Park. Later in the term grade 3-4 students will focus on hockey and grade 5-6 will focus on European handball. Grade 1-2s will concentrate on modified games of soccer and later they will begin a gymnastics unit


Thank you to everyone who participated in our school’s Jump Rope for Heart. Our Jump Off Day was a huge success thanks to all the students and teachers who helped out on the day. Thank you to those students who have raised money for the Heart Foundation and contributed generously for a good cause. 


Term 4

A big welcome back to Term 4! As the weather is due to get a bit warmer please ensure your children have a drink bottle and hat for sport classes.

October 12th marks the first day of National H.P.E week. We are promoting healthy nutrition, living and exercise for all students. They will have the opportunity to be involved in different lunchtime activities and class competitions.

I encourage students to take active transport to school where possible. Walking or riding their bike is great exercise and a good way to get them ready for the day!

Swap the sugary snacks for fruit this week and help your class win the healthy eating competition!


In sport grade 1-2 students are beginning their new unit focusing around the motor skills agility and dodging.

Grade 3-4 students will be beginning their unit on hockey and will be doing dribbling, passing and learning basic game play.

Grade 5-6 students are starting the unit of teamwork and invasion games. Skills will be focusing on communication, and strategy.


Miss McIntyre

P.E coordinator