Performing Arts

The Performing Arts program at Deer Park North P.S. incorporates Drama, Dance and Music. The program enables students to develop their creative and expressive capacities by immersing themselves in these three disciplines. In the program students are taught to view themselves as both artist and audience and to express their thoughts and feelings about their own performances and the performances of others.


The Drama program encourages self-expression, communication skills and self-confidence. Students take part in small group and whole class teacher/student-led activities to develop their ability to create characters using voice, body and space.


The Dance program aims to develop, through movement, body awareness, technical and expressive skills to help students communicate ideas about themselves and their world to an audience. Through a variety of experiences students develop an understanding of the key elements of dance, performance skills and an appreciation of their own and others’ work.


The Music program gives students the opportunity to sing and play instruments in order to create and practise chants, songs and rhymes.  Students compose their own music as well as learning music from others and they perform these pieces to an audience.