The Gratitude Project


The Gratitude Project was made in a partnership with Creative Victoria, Anthony Crowley and Deer Park North Primary School. It was a yearlong adventure, where our students were immersed in Music, Storytelling and Performance. Our children experienced such joy and connections with Anthony by using their memories of family, friends and places that they are grateful for.

The following songs were created with laughter and joy. Families can purchase a copy of the CD from the school office for $2.00




  1. The Foot That Ran Away – Part One - Year 34
  2. My Pet Giraffe Has No Name - Foundation, Year 1
  3. The Foot That Ran Away – Part Two—Year 34
  4. Crispy, Crispy Fried Chicken —Year 2
  5. The Foot That Ran Away – Part Three Year 34
  6. A Roof Over My Head— Year 56

"Hi Liz and Fran, staff and students, thanks for being wonderful collaborators, for all your help preparing and also for being great company. In all the doing and making you made the doing and making a lot of fun. The videos were fantastic and your performances and patience yesterday were exemplary. What a wonderful community of people. If I had my time over with my own kids, I wouldn’t hesitate to trust their education and wellbeing to the kindness, expertise and generosity of the staff and students at Deer Park North. I hope we have another adventure together soon, if I can help with anything just let me know."