Science and Sustainability

Recent News:

After the successful ‘School as Catchment – Planting Day’ last term, staff and students are eagerly awaiting access to the new garden spaces for learning and enjoyment. I will be working with the class teachers in a new part time role to support inquiry units and activities to develop a sense of caring for our natural world – our only home. The garden spaces will be used as teaching spaces and will give students new experiences to learn about our local and global environment.


Matthew Navaretti – Environmental Education Teacher 


Over the last few weeks the Green Team leaders (Grade 5/6 students) have been designing badges. The team considered the purpose of the badges, created many design drawings and finally agreed on a uniform style for the badges. The badges identify the Green Team leaders and feature a leaf logo and unique design elements by each student.


Deer Park North Primary School has been working to implement sustainable practices and is part of the Victorian Government’s Resource Smart AuSSI Victoria, sustainable school framework. The Green Team will complete tasks and implement plans to make sure we meet the requirements of this framework and become a leading sustainable school.


On Friday 19 June the Green Team played a key role planting in our new School as Catchment herb and vegetable gardens as part of the Community Planting Day. This extensive productive vegetable garden and composting system is next to a wetland garden landscape, which will be watered by collected rainwater, provide a habitat for animals and be a place of recreation and environmental education.


Keep a look out for the Green Team (wearing their badges) as they support Deer Park North PS to contribute to a sustainable world.


Matthew Navaretti
Science and Sustainability Teacher (Term 2)


Here is a recent article that was published in The Brimbank Star Weekly Newspaper. It features some of our Green Team students:


green team article

“DPNPS Green Team students featured in the local paper as they prepare for the big Community Planting Day. From Brimbank and North West Star Weekly local paper  June 2015”


For more information on our planting day and 'School as a Catchment' project, visit the special projects section of our website.